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Health anxiety diagnosis

How do you guys accept your health anxiety diagnosis? I’m struggling to accept it & keep trying to look for other answers to my physical symptoms which of course makes me worse (Google is the enemy I’m my case) I worry the drs have got it wrong, how do they distinguish between my symptoms & symptoms due to a neurological disease?????? So confused ☹️

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Please, can anybody give me some advice I’m in such a full on panic 😞


Hi Jwilcock

You just have to believe these professionals who have studied for years and deal with people who have neurological illnesses. You also just have to say to yourself well if I do I do, there's nothing anyone can do about it. Try to stop fearing and just accept the physical symptoms, we all have them. I've been where you are many times and you need to STOP googling!! Try and think about something else for a while, aren't you tired of spending your time thinking about all this? I find shifting my focus to someone else really helps...I'll think of how I could help someone, say for instance my Dad...I'll go and visit him, take him some food and help him with some things around the house.

You're going to be ok! Go and do some stretching and deep breathing 😊


What are your physical symptoms? What was the trigger that brought on these symptoms? For me my anxiety was triggered by cold Turkey stop of sam-e. Like you when all this first started I did TONS of research on the internet. I believe severe anxiety is a neurotransmitter chemical imbalance. Neurotransmitters will repair themselves but it can take 2 years or longer. Im on month 14 of my anxiety symptoms. Just have to be patient and stay away from prescription antidepressants unless it's a last resort.


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