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Citalopram and pregnancy

So i have been trying to deal with this in my own as i had some negative comments and messages regarding a couple previos posts but then i realised there are people on here who care. So long story short i am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I am also on 20 mg citalopram for anxiety which inhave been on for a couple months. I havnt been to a dr yet but have an app for tomorow. I jut wanted to know if anyone else has has experience with pregnancy and anxiety meds. Also did it make ur anxiety worse being pregnant as this is my 2nd and i am feeling awful! Extremely dizzy. Panicky. Fast heart. Room spinning! Jusy want some advice please

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Hi hope your feeling ok, I took citalopram through abit of my pregnancy and then the doctor reduced it and took me off it when I was around 18-20 weeks, I was told to go back if I wasn’t coping etc. I was a nightmare when I was pregnant, but I don’t no if that’s because I wasn’t getting the proper support or if I wasn’t sure how to deal with it, dizziness was one of my biggest symptoms, sometimes still is. Could be low blood pressure with you being pregnant or anemic, you will have bloods to check for things like that soon. Do you have a counsiler? Make sure you’ve got support around you, someone who you can talk to etc

Try not to worry, your doctor will talk you through the meds and things, and get support of your family and midwife x


Thank you. I have been refferes to a councelor but that was 3 weeks ago and still havnt heard anything


Ahh maybe chase them up? Hopefully it won’t be too long For you x

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