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Heart disease?

So I had been having heart palpitations which lasted 4 weeks and I can't get a 24 heart monitor until January through the hospital so I was reading about heart issues and with heart disease you get fatigued, pain in your arm, pain in your jaw and chest pain so how do the doctors rule out these symptoms as not being serious as they are all symptoms of anxiety. I was sitting on the lounge today and I had chest pain, lightheadedness and felt weird like my brain was just going to switch off has anyone had that before? I was scared for a second then convinced myself that I'm ok and now I feel fine. Wanting to know if others have experienced anything similar please and should I be worried?

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Sounds like anxiety as I am going through the same thing.

Good luck with your results. 🤞

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I experience that too 😐 everytime i think i'll have a stroKe but try not to panic..once i felt really bad chest pain,tachycardia,and tingling in my Left arm(i usually don't have that in my Left arm but just in my left hand) and in my face and head so i got really scared 😦 what helped me was thinking that since it lasted a lot it could have not been a stroke plus i was able to stand walk hold things it's sounds absurd but that got me through it😂

Anxiety can be rally bad sometimes,try not to worry

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