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Anxiety and panic

Hello! I'm new to this group. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Recently I attempted to wean off of my Lexapro but nope....that didn't work. My anxiety and panic came back with a vengeance and it has been horrible the past few weeks! I constantly have physical symptoms...back pain, sharp pains in various parts of my body, racing thoughts, feeling of impending doom and death. It's terrible! I've been to my doctor several times for this and they tell me I have anxiety and nothing else is wrong! I feel like an idiot running to the doctor so much but I can't help it! Are they sure they haven't missed anything? I was there 2 weeks ago for severe anxiety but they didn't do any blood tests or anything. I haven't had any tests in a few years. My anxiety has been slightly better since I went to the doc 2 weeks ago, but I'm still constantly nervous and on edge. I'm back on my Lexapro so I think it's starting to kick in again by geeezzzz! I continue to think there is something else wrong! Especially because of these terrible panic attacks! Help!

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