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Trippy Feeling

Everyday I get this weird feeling come over me that makes me feel like I’m “tripping out” for no reason...It’s so hard to describe. It feels like idk what to do In My surroundings. Sometimes I’ll be doing something normal like drinking water and in the middle of doing that I’ll stop and think “I’m doing this mindlessly I’m not having a full experience. Does everyone feel this way or is it just me? What’s wrong with me?” Is this normal or can anybody relate?

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I'm not sure there's anything wrong with that...sounds like you're 'waking up'...I've been reading a Ruby Wax book this week and she says we go through life unaware...just 'doing' stuff while thinking about what we have to do next! Sounds like you are just being 'mindful'...we should all savour a drink of water...live in that moment...it's apparently a good approach to dealing with anxiety.


I agree with Gina - sounds fine to me


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