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My Psychiatrist retired !!!

I have battled Anxiety All My Life . I handled pretty Well on my own . Through a lot until I was about 30 yrs Old after my 4th child . I started going to ER quite often with Panic Attacks ! I was told to find a Psychiatrist or Therapist . Well , I went to a Therapist first . Every several weeks for several years . Then Started seeing a Psychiatrist for over 15 yrs now !! I was told he was retiring soon . And Not a Partner to take his Place . I went to my Appt in Sept . They tell me then. He is retiring ! I went into Panic and Tears . I shaking right now just wanting someone to Talk me Through this . I was given a list of Doctors . And I looked them up and decided to make an appt right away . Even though I was given 6 mo refills on my meds . I had to reschedule Do to my Son being in the Hospital . I guess The Point I am trying To make . I am So Scared of Seeing another Doctor and having to tell my Whole Life History again . And Worried if He is Going To Listen The way My Psych Doctor did . My Appt is Today this afternoon! I even Called the first Psych Therapist office . The Receptionist asked " Why don't you call someone close to your home " as I have moved to a different county . BECAUSE , I don't want To Tell My Whole Life Ovet !!! She says March 2018 ! Talk about Being In a Panic !!! I needed To Tell Someone How Awful I am feeling this Morning . Living With Anxiety isn't Fun At All !!! 😔 Let Me Get Thru This Day ! Scared He will Change All My Meds around !


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It will be hard and nothing I say will change that. Try to not think about all of the possible negative things that could happen. There is no reason to change your medications if they are working for you. Try to relax and think positive. You might come to find out that you like this one even more then you did your last one.

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Thanks You So Very Much ! I am trying to be positive . I Lost So Much Before going to The Doctor yrs ago . My Father , My Business , My Home . I am Just Very scared . Starting Over or Starting Something new . Whirls me right Outta Whack !!!

Thanks So Much 🌻



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