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Advice : on anxiety and intimacy :/


I was starting to be all intimate with my partner , laid down on the couch ...like he was tickling my neck and I know I was grinding my teeth earlier because my jaws felt like they had glue on em lol and my neck was aching ...but anyways I felt something throb or move above my ear . I’m like freaking out after everything now and had to chill & quit things. Now my partner is looking at me like I’m a weirdo . I’m so worried and panicky . Idk if this is anxiety...or tmj or something. Anyone ever experience this , like you don’t have to tell me what goes on during your sexual endeavors lolol BUT like were you ever engaged in anything & felt a similar sensation above the ear on the right or left side of your head ? it’s like a throbbing sensation . It didn’t hurt but it did startle me . I feel all weird and want to not engage in sex anymore until I’m comfortable at this point lol. Idk I need advice . Like idk :/ I also need a therapist lol.

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I may have to take a break from being intimate until I practice better relaxation skills


Yeah it’s my health anxiety talking . I do need to get more massages. I’ve been grinding my teeth so often , I have all these aches around my jaw, above my ear and my neck. Then in general , my upper back holds so much tension


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