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Head stuff HELP

My anxiety journey so far has been promising and i don't find it half a debilitating as it used to be. When I used to get panic attacks so severe i'd just lie down in silence and ignore the world and now I find it all a lot more manageable.

I find that my health anxiety centres around my Brain or my Heart. One or the other constantly yo-yoing between the two.

Anyway. I just want to know if anyone gets these issues with their head. I feel like sometimes I can't focus my eyes and they move rapidly, I am super super fatigued, at the same time though I feel restless and agitated. I feel like my brain and head is twitching ever so slightly and that I just want to be around people but that I might have a seizure or a stroke.

I know this all sounds crazy and I am trying to use the techniques from my therapist to help with my feelings it's just weird because i am not going through panic attacks I just feel generally not well.

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it sometimes feels like derealisation and then other times it just feels like I am close to death and both aren't scary to me and I accept it but its just the general feeling of malaise is so annoying/distressing


I feel those symptoms and I think they are from nerves and neck issues as a result of tension. Keep working on your anxiety and I recommend accupuncture for the neck and head or osteo/chiro/physio.

Massage is good too

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Thank you so much I know it’s awful I only ever come to this forum when desperate times count and I should add more to the people that need advice but seriously you’ve saved me with your advice ❤️

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I'm glad to help your post helped me too as I related to your symptoms 😊


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