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hello everyone, new member

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hello everyone, i am new here

for the past three years i have suffered with anxiety/panic disorder, panic attacks and bad depression. i usually do really well in coping with this, but for some reason these past few weeks have been very different. i'm feeling very anxious with every activity i do and seem to have a panic attack every time i leave the house also just feeling extremely low, unmotivated, like im failing myself today especially.

i came across this website in hopes to learn how to cope and deal more with this all and not feel so alone, so i signed up and here i am.

i was wondering if there were any tips on how to make day to day tasks more manageable and maybe some advice on how to cope better with how i feel.

thank you Jenna

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Hi Jenna welcome to this awesome group.

It's ok to have "bad" days. We all have them. Things that work for me are, therapy, this forum and going to the Dr if I feel like something isn't right. Also just reminding myself that what I'm feeling is just my anxiety and it won't last. I hate having anxiety and panic disorder, it's annoying and scary but I will ok and so will you. I hope you feel better soon :)

I had felt that before until now and i get used to it. It will pass dont worry. You can watch motivationa videos on youtube and i hope it helps😊

I agree with the other posts. Bad days do happen. Do you have any medication you can take to help with these challenges? Also you may want to look at what you are eating. A diet in processed foods and sugars can make you more depressed and anxious. I recently started eating a healthy lifestyle and I do notice some differences in my general mood. Anxiety is not a perfect science. You may feel anxious at times you are not sure why-- just remember you are ok and are not alone. We all face the same issues and work through it. I hope this helps.

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gemmapa in reply to guynfl2chat

Hi, I've just decided to follow the 12 weeks challenge from NHS Choices because I truly believe my current bad healthy life style, it's a negative influence on my anxiety disorder

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