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Comming off meds anxiety

Im comming off mirtazipine and it worsened my anxiety. I feel like im not really here alot. I went back on paxil (3mo. So far). It helps some but until i get totally off mirtazipine, i think the paxil will have limited effect. Anyone out there stop using this medication and had withdrawal. How do u deal with derealization/depersonalization and go one with life as usual? I would appreciate any success stories from ppl who live with it and are able to keep living their lives. Need hope. Thx

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Hi Brightervee,

I took Mitazapine at night to help with sleep and anxiety. I took two weeks off work because I was scared by doctor's advice that I was very likely to experience a discontinuation syndrome when stopping.

I still have these notes from my discussion with my doctor.

A taper (gradual / slow reduction) in dose is recommended to minimize discontinuation symptoms.

Tapering - 6-8 weeks - decrease dose every 7 days

Discontinuation symptoms - appear within 3 days starting a medication taper.

Symptoms - mild and resolve in 1-2 weeks

Keep a look out for these symptoms - the FINISH mnemonic

Flu-like symptoms, Insomnia, Nausea, Imbalance, Sensory disturbances, Hyperarousal.

Come back and see dr if I get too wobbly

I was generally ok but there were a few times when I thought I going to call the doctor.


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