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Can someone give me some insight?

Hi, I have a bit of a problem and I have had this problem since 6th grade. Actually my 6th grade art class. My 6th grade art teacher once told us that if we ever in our lives drew guns, knives, or really anything sharp that we were gonna go to the "funny farm" aka a mental hospital. She also said that if you aren't careful that you are gonna become depressed and suicidal. I have intense anxiety now cause I'm scared of becoming depressed and suicidal, and its been 6 years now. Most if not all of my friends have some sort of depression, but I don't get depressed. I am 18 years old and have never had chronic depression longer than 24 hours. I've never harmed myself or anything. Is the fact that I don't have depression or anything a sign of me being idk crazy? I don't want to be depressed or suicidal but nearly all of the people my age are in some way and I'm scared that I am actually crazy. Then again my anxiety loves to make it seem like I am crazy cause I drew one knife in a tool belt of a fanart I was drawing!

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