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Can't stand myself lol

I feel like my chest is always right and I keep thinking my lungs are gonna collapse and I'm gonna die . I can't stop thinking about it . My grandpa died in 2013 and he had lung cancer. Idk why I keep feeling this way . I'm scared . I have ibs and when I'm stressed I bloat a lot and I know when you bloat it pushes on the diaphragm. Ugh idk 😐 idk anymore I'm scared

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Hey. I think i know the feeling. So is it that you think about how other people have died from an illness or something and you start to think you can die from the same? I ask because I always think like that. I hate when I find out about someone (especially if i know them) dying and from what because i start thinking it will happen to me to and i cannot focus on anything else. Also wanted to ask about your ibs...were you diagnosed with it? I wasnt diagnosed with it but i feel like what i have been going through constantly since having anxiety problems i have compared my symptoms and it seems i have ibs too. But what are your symptoms with ibs if you dont mind me asking? I believe me being so stressed and worried constantly may have a effect on this too.

I wish us better days ahead.


Jmerrick22, You are relating subconsciously to your grandfather's death from lung cancer I'm sure. Put that together with the physical sensations and the mind goes wild.

Use your medical knowledge in helping yourself. . You have the tools within you do talk yourself out of your fears. What you say about ibs and bloating and diaphragm are all true. It's a logical thought, try not to make it more than it is. And Jmerrick....Breathe x

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