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Starting taking meds again


I was diagnosed with anxiety in high school; currently 24. Got prescribed Fluoexetine; gradually bumped up to 50mg. After taking it faithfully for a few years, I just sort of cold-turkey stopped. (Not smart, I know.) Might have gone back on it once or twice but can't remember when. Anyways, lately been having a lot of anxiety, especially health anxiety, and I feel like I should absolutely be taking it again. My question is, is it okay for me to just start taking again at 50mg (I take a 40 and a 10), or should I maybe start with a 10 or a couple 10s and see how I do? Thanks.

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Hi Spugnucket, I know how you want relief from your symptoms ASAP but after being off Fluoexetine it is best to go through your doctor and let him make the decision dosage wise or even if he might want to try you on something else. It's never a good idea to play with these drugs on your own. Wish you well. xx


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