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troubles :????//

I'm currently having external problems as well as internal problems (fear of growing older) and its tiring me so much. my sleep schedule is stuffed, i cry everyday and i m always thinking about how i wasted my teens worrying about my health and everything else. i feel as though it is too late to be carefree since I'm turning 18 this year. i know i will still be a teen but i can't find a way to enjoy my life, its like I'm going through some crisis..someone pls help i feel as though i am going crazy.


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Ur still young .still have time to enjoy ur self.stop worry jus live! Live without regrets.make every moment memorable.stop caring so much about getting old cuz as long as ur alive you'll have to get older buy the enjoy yourself .make some memories for ur older days.

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thanks for the reassurance! its just at times i feel that way, it was like that ever since i was 8 and i was moving from 2nd grade to 3rd even throughout my teen years...


Ok .jus relax.enjoy the years as they pass by.


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