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Cannabis withdrawal and digestion

Hello all, I was a frequent cannabis user for about 5 years daily and I decided it was time to quit about 2.5 months ago, during this time ive had every single withdrawal symptom you can imagine, it is terrible, most of the symptoms have gone away, for the most part. However I am still having very bad digestion issues and fatigue. I will wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom and my stool will usually be normal, but then about two hours later I am rushing to the toilet with diarrhea. this has been going on daily for about 3 weeks now. Is this just my nervous system trying to make adjustments or is it something more? Please let me know if anyone has any knowledge on this experience im having it would be greatly appreciated for it is causing me bad anxiety every single day.

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You need to eat fiber!!! I had to go through detox and spent a lot of time vomiting but what’s happening is that your digestive system is readjusting to your cannabis free eating style now. Eat healthy and drink lots of water & cranberry juice :)

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Thank you! I will try some high fiber foods and cranberry juice and see if it makes a difference.

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