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GERD caused by anxiety?

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I have been suffering from anxiety and depression since my son's diagnosis of schizophrenia. I've probably had some form of anxiety most of my life but I've been able to function. The same is true for depression. I would call the anxiety I've had as being a worry wart. My depression I could always explain due to circumstances, normal stuff that would cause depression, but could get over when the worried-about circumstance went away. But since my son's diagnosis I believe I have GAD and major depression. I've also developed what I believe to be GERD.

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Hi there. GERD is caused physiology anatomy it's when the top valve of the oesophagus doesn't work proper so some acid can come back up sometimes. It can happen in people who drink a lot or are bulimic. Do you have those issues?are you heavy smoker? Do you eat alot of acidic or spicy food? Some things for you to think about and whether they apply to you. I'm sure anxiety can make it worse but you'd have to have that valve like that anyway. It could be just regular heartburn or indigestion. If you are concerned I would go see you're doctor and they will refer you to the hospital to get it looked at. I hope that helps you in some way. Yes I have gerd as well as IBS. Sorry to hear yoor anxiety and depression have got worse it must be hard with what is happening with yoor son's health right now. I think it's not so unusual in such circumstances to get worsen of conditions or perhaps discover you have ones you didn't know you had. Good luck 😊

Thank you. Yes, I do smoke. I'm not big into really spicy foods. I understand basically what GERD is. My mother had it and now my brother and sister both have it. I've had the occasional heartburn which I used to be able to control with a couple of Tums. But I guess now it's blossomed into GERD because of anxiety and stress. I do need to get into my doctor.

Oh I see yeah it runs in your family. Yes I'd go to see your doctor and hopefully they will get it looked at.😊Good luck.

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