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Where I have been?

Hey guys!!

I am back after a long hiatus. Didn't realise i'd be missed but I've received a lot of PM's on here from people asking where I am, am I okay etc so I thought i'd write you all a little update.

I'd rather not say why I took a hiatus from everything but lets say it was 50% work (yes I am back at work now!) and 50% mental health.

In the time I have been off I have been diagnosed with something called Stage 2 Heart Block, sounds a lot worse than it is! All it really is, is and excuse the poor explanation.. Your heart gets electrical signals, your top part of the heart gets some electrical signals and the bottom gets some... well the bottom part of my heart isn't getting the signal at the right time. The reason I have got this is unknown and will probably never be known but what my doctor was saying is a lot of athletes and active people get this and as my job is of an active nature that may have contributed.

I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow to get an echocardiogram and then next month will be seeing a heart specialist to see what treatment/medication (if any) is required.

Mentally I am not the best but that's probably due to me having to come off all my meds till we have fully checked out my heart but if i'm honest, im managing pretty fine without meds.

Anyway, enough about me.. hows everyone else doing?!

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Hey TheInjuredBiker, I was wondering where you disappeared to. I'm glad you wrote the forum with an update. See how we all worry about each other? :)

Glad to hear you are back at work. I want to wish you the best with your Echo tomorrow and upcoming appointment with the heart specialist. Keep us updated on the results. We are always just a message away. Take care my friend :)

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