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Hope everyone is oky.i have been doing welll most of the time.need some tips still on meds. But dose is going down soon.yeh!.passed couple of days been feeling teary as my youngest acts like she dosnt give a crap.she got a tatoo and ended up in a&e.dont know if the needle was even sterile.she had suspected ink poisioning.she dosnt live with me she is 16yrs old im an easy going parent.all my kids where brought up with mirals respect urself and other etc.she met this boy .and complete turn aroun but aparently.we found out she has been like this for mnoths.she left on her own choice and lives in suported acomondatiion ue supervised.why is it you try ur best for people and.you are the one that feels that u get all the crap.we try to talk to her and the usual i dont know.i will talk when i feel like it..but texts or fones her dad when she is wanting something.she knows i suffer with anxiety.i dont let her see that it is starting it of any sujestions plz thanx sorry for the long paragragh.x

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Hi I'm OK glad you doing well xx


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