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Hello. I've been having trouble sleeping recently and I don't know if it's anxiety. I am mostly alone all day and night due to my husband working 16 hours a day so I'm thinking maybe being alone is causing me to over think. I've stopped exercising, stopped being social, stay inside all day because I'm in a new state and I don't really trust anyone or anywhere.

I have a fear of dying in my sleep, my chest feels really tight, like a squeeze and it hurts, mostly on the left side. Also, my head has a ton of pressure, it just keeps throbbing as the pain comes and goes, it just feels really shaky, and I feel dizzy and nauseous. I feel as if my brain is failing on me.

I keep feeling like my heart stops and I wake/get up in a panic.

Just wondering if anyone else understands or feels the same way and can help me. I don't see any doctors yet although I recently went to the hospital and they said everything was normal. I just don't get why my body or mind is doing this to me. Any tips, help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I have anemia and thyroid issues and they both caused these symptoms with me. Have an iron and thyroid panel done!


I will look into that, thank you!!

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Hi 👋 Sarmmor4

I totally understand where you are coming from - I spent over 10 years feeling the same way and because I didn't trust anyone or want to be even outside where other people were walking around - I have 5 kids ( all now grown up ) and still feel so guilty for feeling as I did because it stopped me doing all the things I should have done like taking them to the swing park etc.. yes I stopped myself from going outside unless I forced myself to do it - I remember sitting with a coat on and my heart thumping through my chest with anxiety flying from me - I so needed to get shopping and would stand up and slowly walk to the door - place my hand on the door handle and say No no I can't ( to myself ) and sit down with my heart thumping even harder- I'd look at the time and know I HAD to go because the shops would close very soon / hell on earth was the feeling and years later I still have issues with being around people I don't know and I won't even stand in a bus stop if someone comes along / it's hard I know but hopefully one day I won't and you won't feel like that - I work ( forced to by the social DHSS ) in a nursing home - yeah it's hell because I am very unwell with possible Barrets Oesophagus ( awaiting biopsies results ) and knowing I may have a five year life span left makes me feel even more guilty because my kids will lose me like I lost my mum n dad who were both 40 years old when they died of strokes - I was 12 years when my dad died and 17 years when my mum died - I now feel I will fight to Live - for my husband and kids - moral of this is asking you to please seek help and guidance from your doctor or therapist so you can have a wonderful life like I hope to have - please don't let things continue for years like I did . I wish you all the best . Take care xx

Elle 🌹


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