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So scared !

Im only 16 years old and I have a pulse rate between 80-100 or sometimes more . I have done many medical tests to rule out any underlying cause but nothing . Also , the internet says that those who have a slightly fast pulse die earlier ...

I can also see my belly pulsating so clearly that it scares me , and thanks to the internet that this is the symptom of aneurysm.

When I stand up straight I feel a pressure on chest with fast heartbeat . Which I also think is due to POTS( postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)

Please tell me is it possible to have so many issues at my age ? Also I have done Ekgs , echo and blood work.

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A resting pulse around 80 really isn't bad, and yeah 100 can sound scary but I promis you it's because you're stressed! It's just the bodys natural response to stress and if you're able to relax properly (easier said than done) I'm sure it would be much much lower ☺ Like you said, you're only 16 and all your tests have come back normal, the more you stress out about it the more your body is gonna keep responding like that. A good diet, exercise, and stress management are the best things you can do to prevent any disease!

The pulsating stomach thing sounds like anxiety too, probably just the muscles near the heart reacting to the extra work or something like that but I'm not for sure. I still wouldn't be too concerned about it just being it up to your doctor next time. I've stopped googling my symptoms because it would scare the shit out of me, I only go to anxietycentre.com and under "anxiety symptoms" if you scroll all the way to the bottom there's a HUGE list of all the different anxiety symptoms and most of them have an explanation as to why anxiety causes it!

Anxiety is awful and makes it feel like your body is a ticking time bomb but that's just the anxiety talking. I understand what you're going through, it's hard to do but you have to learn to accept and dismiss the symptoms if you want to start feeling better.

Best of luck!


This is all within normal limits, but what isn't is to be spending time and effort worrying about it!

This is health anxiety - not serious but something that will plague you forever if you keep feeding it with concerns, googling, getting more tests done etc.


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