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What's going on with me?


Recently I've been sleeping very differently. I fall asleep normally, by I will wake up in the middle of the night with my mind racing. It's as if my brain is in panic mode. I can't get comfortable in my bed and my mind just won't stop. I eventually do fall asleep but it happens more than once in a night.I feel like I'm going crazy every night. I can hear muffled sounds that aren't there. What's going on with me?

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That happens to me sometimes, and have concluded that it just comes with the territory with anxiety and nightmares of my PTSD.. Then it stops for awhile. When I can't sleep I go to the, couch, to another bed, whatever, a bit like Goldilock and the Three Bears. Sometimes that helps.

Things that help, is I don't drink anything with caffeine, not even ice tea or soft drinks that state they are caffeine free, don't eat after 8 p.m., don't exercise in the evening, don't drink alcohol, and don't watch TV or use the computer an hour before I go to bed. That takes a few days for my mind and body to adjust to the schedule.

There is a rescue I use if I haven't really slept for a few days, is a low dose RX of a muscle relaxer and xanax about30 minutes before going to bed.. Been counseled regularly, that without the sleep everything is going to get worse.

Hope that is of some use to you, and I know others will to replying as well with suggestions which may be of better help to you.

Best wishes in calming down your anxious mind and getting a good night's sleep.

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