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Can't do it

I'm tired of not being good enough for my parents. (I'm 30) I'm a professional, married with kids and my parents always say something negative about how I'm raising my kids. One of the has autism (independent) and they are always saying how he doesn't have manners how he should be in sports like their son(he's 12). They put their other son on a silver platter and nothing is wrong with himself he's perfect. I'm extremely busy with my career and I can't provide sports for for kids. They take swimming lessons but that's not good enough for them. My husband says to take it too and he's part of the problem. He's always tired for the kids or me. I'm alone and I have no support system. I'm overwhelmed, I feel like I can't breath someone is constantly pushing me down.

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Hey we can't please everyone and we can't do everything there is not enough time! Our parents do seem to be our critics and seem to feel the need to share their unwanted opinions. I've learnt and hope I stick to it as I get older to only give advice if asked. I think it's about setting boundaries - how you do this depends on how comfortable you feel communicating your feelings. State clearly how you feel or that you do not like/need their comments etc create some space with them so your not feeling overwhelmed by the situation. All children and upbringings are different and that is fine there is too much pressure on parents now do be doing EVERYTHING PERFECTLY. Take a deep breath tell yourself your a good parent and you do enough you don't need to change to meet other people's expectations. X

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My mother is over opinionated. She's become one of my anxiety triggers because I held in my feelings to long. Respectfully, tell your parents what you feel and move on. You're doing the best you can and that's all that matters. If they're so concerned about your son they need to step up and help or step back.

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