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Those with health anxiety - a gift to you, thank me later!


For those of you who have health anxiety, psh - I've been there done that plenty of times for long durations. Keeping this anxiety cycle going is horrible. I've done therapy and beat that thing to the ground, then, it came back even worse. It has been DEVASTATING.

I am here though, to share with you one of the most helpful tools I've come across.

After you go through this WHOLE thing (please don't read some of it for some relief and then ditch it - It won't work or last long) and comment what your experience was for you!

Here it is:

If you do not trust clicking a link, just type in:

Then click workbooks

Then look for "Helping Health Anxiety"


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Thank You. I will give it a try

Thank you so much for posting!!



Nice post . Another external trigger is the GOOGLE button. There should be a special anxiety search button that DOESN'T show up any symptoms :)

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