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Just wondered what you all thought. I have anxiety which can stop me sleeping. My GP has withdrawn my zopiclone as she says it is addictive. She says you don't get a good quality of sleep. My thinking is sleeping all night is such a blessing and if you don't sleep it makes the anxiety much worse like a catch 22 situation. Surely the GP' s are wrong and should be prescribing it seems a bad situation making folk much worse. I got some off the internet and they have helped so much don't think I could manage without to be honest I know you shouldn't. Any views?


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  • What is xopiclone? I take .25 Ativan to help me sleep and sometimes even .5 if I really can't fall asleep. It is also addictive but st this point I know I need it but i know I will try to wean off when I am ready. Have you been on that med for a very long time? Have you tried melatonin or Benadryl or cold medicine? I don't think doctors should stop just prescribing meds. They need to help you wean and find alternatives. Just because it's potentially addicting doesn't mean you will never get off it. Sleep is very important, without it you can't function.

  • Zopiclone is a sleeping tablet and is very helpful indeed. Does your GP prescribed Ativan as that is very addictive and has very bad withdrawal symptoms. Yes withdrawing medication is a horrible thing to do. I got some off the internet which is very dangerous but did not know what else to do. How are you during the day if you don't sleep?

  • Hi Dave,Im in the very same situation as you.My anxiety is stopping me from sleeping ,and yes I need zopiclone to help.I don't know what I would do if they are stopped because I really fear not getting to sleep,its become a phobia.What I'm thinking of doing is going back to my doctor and getting meds that will slow me down but GPs are not very clued up on meds as Ive found out.Please keep in touch if you find an answer as this problem is messing my head up.


  • I'm sorry for you. I dread taking them but have been prescribed them.

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