8 months

8 months later !! I've been taking 75 MG of Zoloft for about 8 months now , my anxiety seems to be under control , only down side I gained a little weight , but I'd rather have weight on then feel like I'm loosing my mind ! I was on 3 clonazopams a day I've got myself weaned down to a .5 tablet a day , to everyone out there going threw the struggle I know what your going threw , just remember don't keep it to yourself talk about it , as much as you hate to have someone around you all the time go see your doctor and take what he gives you , don't be afraid take it , the worst it's gonna do is not work , I'm glad Zoloft worked for me ( knock on wood ) , thank you for being here for me on this site , I'll defiantly stop in An chat with who ever needs it ! It goes right to my email , thank you everyone keep your head up An keep your stick on the ice !! You'll get threw it


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  • Thanks for sharing Osmond. It's always encouraging to hear that taking that first step is important in moving forward and feeling better. Continued success

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