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Has anyone had BPPV for more than 2 months?

So after a visit to the ENT today I was diagnosed with BPPV due to positions and nystagmus. The thing is mine has been slowly creeping up.

I have had slight positional vertigo which has become substantially worse since April. I haven't been performing the Epley Manoeuvre until now but isn't that awfully long to have BPPV for more than 2 months?

And is it normal for it to start off mild and get worse before it gets better?

Of course, my anxiety is making me doubt this diagnoses.

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I think you can have for long time. I get bouts of vertigo that tend to be very positional. They linger when trying to lie forever months. I have become so anxious about it, I don't even know what I am dizzy from at times. I think the tell tale sign of bppv is they lay you back with your head turned and look for certain type of nystagmus. I have heard other people with it say it lasts long time. You could start slow and it could get worse if you aren't doing maneuvers to correct it. I also think that anxiety gives you dizziness and it makes vertigo so much worse. I hate it, I would take pain over dizziness. Did they have you follow their finger for nystagmus?


Hi Kim yes I had nystagmus and all the symptoms of bppv. I'm currently told to do the eply


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