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Health anxiety

My anxiety attacks seem to have accelerated lately due to my health problems (I have COPD/Emphysema and IBS/Diverticulosis as my main problems) I have also been having a lot of problems with dry skin and infection on my face just lately and the Locum GP said it was Butterfly Rosacea and she prescribed a colloidal oats moisturiser and an antiseptic gel for flare ups which seem to be helping, but now have developed swollen ankles as well, I know I should go back to the GP but I feel as if I am being nuisance to them.

I have had to give up my volunteering because of my health and feel that I am no longer able to contribute to the community and tend to brood too much about my lack of use to anyone or anything.

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Hi Doggie123. Certainly know the feeling re being a nuisance to your Dr. Had a really bad experience on Friday when a Registrar made a house call on me. But she clearly felt she had to be somewhere else - probably a wine bar with her mates the way she kept looking @ her watch. The question is who truly is the nuisance - the worried patient or the Dr who can't be arsed?!

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