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Gerd and anxiety

Does anyone ever have dizzy spells and confusion waking due to an acid reflux attack while trying to take a nap? I ate at 3 or 4am laid dwn but didnt have any issues until getting up at 11am and i took my iron pill and laid dwn to take a nap about something i had a dream while i was asleep that i was about to pass and sweating and asked someone to grab my hand as i was getting weak and falling then i woke up with fast heart rate dizzy and short confusion and my legs felt flimsy as i stood up! I had a nasty taste in my mouth and throat felt super dry so did my mouth i think i had a panic attack and a reflux attack at the sam time. My dizziness has gotten better but i feel like im not here and nothing is spinning or anything but i still feel slightly dizzy on and off and stomach cramps which has caused me to have a bowel movement my heart went from 135bpm dwn to and staying at 54 to 64bpm is that too low? But ive had normal ekgs, chest xrays and a normal echo as well but has anyone ever felt like this?

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