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I was wondering if anyone was on ESCITROPRAM since I started taking them I am so snappy through out the day every day and I am usually the person people say I can't belive she has so much patience but now I snap so quickly over the last month I really really don't like it incase it becomes more then just snapping at my lovedesk ones I can't believe he's still here I'm that bad so wondered if any one else has had the same


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  • Hi heather27, looking back over your posts for the last year, I've noticed that 10 months ago you wrote about being concerned about snapping at your husband and children. I think it may be more about the anxiety pushing you to the edge rather than the Escitropram. I too am a "people person" and have been on the same drug as you for several years. I find that it just contributes to my laid back, mellow state w/o the drowsiness.

    It might not be a bad idea to talk with your doctor or therapist about your impatience and possibly anger that is surfacing. It doesn't mean you are bad, it just needs you may need some fine tuning with that issue. Possibly something deep down is bothering you. My best to you. x

  • Really I seem confused lately if honest te thing is I have no idea what could be bothering me I want my patiences back like most do I miss it and I want to be able to cry which I think I've cried twice in a very long time and that was when me and hubby came to blows over our stroppy teenager lol all good now tho I feel I want to cry but can't

  • And I cry too much. I find crying a release for sadness, for fear and gee even hearing a heartfelt song will get the tears flowing. And yet some people like yourself, for whatever reason, hold the emotions so deep inside that you're unable to let go, to let loose. I don't know why that is.

  • I have only not been able to cry properlysince my first tablet I took it have no idea why usually if I see someone on TV crying I cry or even my kids but now nothing I don't understand why what I do remember last year when I saw my therapistshe said I was emotally blocked ppl say crying is good I even tell my husband that I want to but can't and atm I have a weird adrenaline as my hubby calls it running through me thinking something bad is going to happen and i want to run that started after I was on social media reading the news and at a bit of a tissy right now

  • Hello.....depends why you were prescribed this medication and by whom? A pyschiatrist or family doctor? And how long you have been on it. What do they say when you mention your lack of patience? Are you feeling any anxiety when you are like that?

  • I got it prescribed by my gp for anxiety this one I have been on it for a month now I was on citropram but like agor1 said it maybe my anxiety pushing me to my limits my anxiety doesn't give me a break in feel stressed like when my kids are been kids a pain In the bum and don't listen the first few times stuff like that gets to me more then usual

  • Ok, family doctors are great healthcare experts, but not necessarily in mental health. And angor1 made a good observation.

    If you haven't been evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist about the anger, you may want to consider it, instead of guessing and taking medication to "patch you up" and keep you from biting someone's head off. lol

    There are some very helpful anger management tools available if that's what's underlying your anxiety.

    Controlling your anger with anxiety medication and meditation is one thing, but having a professional look into the underlying cause is important.

    I wish you the very best. You seem to be an intelligent woman who can weigh all the options. :)

  • I am waiting for an appointmentstill from my therapist

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