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Depression and anxiety is much worse with a heavy cold

Hello everyone!

So as the title suggests, I am experiencing increased depressive symptoms with this cold. It reminds me of three-four years ago when my depression was at its worst. It's as though my mood has plummeted and I feel very paranoid, especially at work!

Is this normal?

I really appreciate any advice.


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Hi Calum,

This is totally normal I was sick not too long ago and it really just made me panic and feel worse, once you get better you will feel better. Don't overthink it take it one day at a time and remember you are not alone! :-)


Thanks, I feel better knowing this.

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The symptoms of your cold may have triggered unpleasant memories, it's quite common, your feeling unwell so it reminds you of times when you've felt unwell in the past, once your over the worst of the cold you may start to feel better mentally too, try not to worry to much, pamper yourself, hot toddies, lazy evenings chillaxing infront of the tv, hot drinks etc, just while your body fights off the cold symptoms, you'll be ok :-) xxx


Hey Calum. Yup-v normal . I've had this and my mum and dad say I've been worse as a result of being ill . Get well soon !


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