Coming off Zoloft

I've decided I don't wanna be on medication anymore. I'm feeling a little better but still anxious, but I want to conquer this and do it all natural. Zoloft didn't really work, and he said people that are young in their 20s like me often don't react well to Zoloft anyways due to hormones and brain chemistry. Does anyone have experience coming off of Zoloft or any other antidepressants like side effects? I'm at 100mg and have been for only 2 months, and will be weaning off slowly


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  • I came off zoloft 50mg. Very slowly and took about 6 weeks. The side effects are brain zaps and little electric shocks that eventually go way. Good for you. Not an easy decision but a good one for your health. Be really conscious of eating fresh healthy food with not much processed food and cut back on sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Research dr kelly brogan and her information about a healthy gut microbiome and anxiety and depression.

  • Thats good. I stopped takin Zoloft, wanted to get off them too, I thought that you cant be on them forever and I would rather do it all natural like you, great decision. Yeah, brain zaps are a side effect, slowly weaning off them is the best decision. You might not even get the zaps because youve only been on them for 2 months, the lesser time youve been on them, the lesser side effects you will get, I think your in a very good position seeing as its only been 2 months, shouldnt be too bad getting off them at all. Drink plenty of water when you wake up. Good for you and good luck to you!

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