Can anyone tell me how to cope with the physical pain of anxiety and panic attacks I've been in this cycle for four months going on five can I possibly lead a normal life ? It's made me miss out on alot of things ending my senior year of high school and it's dreadful. I get feeling of doom which is the worst for me. chest pain heart pain and palpitations I get a pressure feeling above my left breast and and into my arm it's so scary I think it's my heart but the doctors say it's not my heart and that I'm healthy but I feel like I'm just going to collapse sometimes or my heart can't take anymore stress and adrenaline. My back hurts so bad as well I'm fighting these urges that make me feel like I'm going to die suddenly ..I feel like they haven't found the problem I hate feeling like this my body is tired and deprived I have low iron and potassium also reflux . I'm so worried I've been trying to find calming solutions but how do you do that when u feel like ur on the verge of death? Anyone help advice will it go away I've been proscribed Prozac 20 mg which I am scared of probably due to anxiety and over thinking about the effects I'm scared of heart disease heart attack cardiac arrest and underlying problems... I've read that other things cause out of the blue anxiety and panic attacks which is making me scared I feel weak and drained I want to push myself back up I have faith that I can and will I just really want to have myself back I'm in tears I have faith that god has a blessing for me and maybe this is a test .. I'm also sleep deprived. I've tried everything guys I really have. Maybe I'm crazy but the pain is there and it's real .


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  • I'm sorry you're having a rough time mediation is good yoga exercise eating healthy list to Louis Hay and Caroline Leaf on You Tube and taking fish oil helps to and B complex

  • You sound exactly like me to a t! I'm sorry that your dealing with this too 😢

    You said your potassium was low?i just found out I have low potassium.... are you on supplements

  • No supplements my doctor says too much potassium can be harmful so I eat bananas and drink orange juice. But it's so overwhelming to hear it's just anxiety I'm trying to accept it the best way I can as the pain is so real it's unbelievable and terrifying apparently we are healthy it just doesn't feel like we are . Sorry you're dealing with this I know it sucks every single day and night but we will get through it. Even though that's not very convincing for us lol

  • This is exactly what I'm going threw. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow hopefully to find a medicine that will hopefully help. I don't know if I have low iron or potassium hopefully I can find that out as well. If I do, I hate banana's and orange juice lol I'm absolutely terrified of side effects, as of right now benadryl helps a lot. I take half of a 25 mg when I feel it creeping it. I really hope you power threw this. Senior year is a lot of stress and pressure. After graduating take some time off before going to college (if you are). I hope you feel better soon, and know you're not alone with what you're dealing with. I know this brings me some relief knowing I'm not the only person who goes threw this.

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