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Rapid heartbeat, dry mouth and headaches after a nap

So I am a 17 year old female, I have anxiety and depression... and whats been bothering me that every time I go for a nap or even hear the quietest noise while sleeping and not even be scared from it my heart beats and pounding constantly for hours my mouth dries ups, my body heats up and I get uncomfortable head aches, this has been happening since I was 15 - 16 years old.. I haven't went to the doctor about this problem yet but I just want to know what could it be my mother gets the same and apparently its from the anxiety

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Had the same :(

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I got the same! I got hot flashes and sweating, foggy head, headaches, etc.! So I decided to visit a psychiatrist, found out I got GAD, my psych gave me meds to relax, and now I am able to slowly get back to normal, baby steps as what they said to me. Hope you'll feel better :)


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