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Headache not going away??

Hi my headache is not going away even after i have taken pain killer? Its a dull ache all over, but I have sharp pains in both temples. I have had it for 5 days and its just not going away. I have health anxiety and I'm really scared its a brain tumour because i have other neurological symptoms such as lightheadedness, flashes of light out the corner of my eyes and fatigue. Do you think its a brain tumour?

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I also forgot to mention that i have numbness in my left hand and its is constant


Sarah, it's very unlikely to be a brain tumour but you really must see your doctor about this for reassurance and peace of mind otherwise you will goon worrying that its a tumour and this will make your health anxiety worse. Headache, light headedness and fatigue are all very common symptoms of anxiety. I don't know how old you are but older people experience something called posterior vitreous detachment, this is a normal event that happens to everybody on reaching a certain age where the vitreous jelly in the eye detaches from the back of the eye, but usually bits remain attached round the edges at the back of the eye and when you move your eyes it tugs on the back of the eye causing flashes of light out the corner of your eyes. As as I say this is a perfectly normal event as the eye ages. I know you may not want to go see your doctor but you really must and the sooner you do the sooner you will be reassured.


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