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Heart I hate you

Just laying in bed after another day full of worry at work, where I contracted 78 different illness varying from a stroke to heart disease. And I thought I'm not having this this I'm going running. I ran round my block. Isn't too far at all but it's the furthest I've run in a year since my first panic attack and health anxiety (mainly heart) I'm so nervous now as my chest is hurting my lungs haven't been worked like this in ages, threat feels like a razor blade is in it at the moment. Endorphins where you at???? Ahhhhhhhh

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I know how you feel dealing with "heart" related anxiety. As that is where I would say 98% of my anxiety stems from! Horrible feeling, and I've been checked out EXTREMELY thoroughly. But each time I have a "missed beat" or palpitation it usually starts some kind of anxiety!


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