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Introducing myself

Well I am 32 y/o and only been knowingly dealing with anxiety for about a year now. I was experiencing dizziness, lightheadedness, tingling in my left arm, numbness in my face and arm, racing heartbeat, and the feeling of passing out. I went to urgent care and they did a EKG which of course was fine. Months went by and everything was great then I started experiencing leg pain and immediately my mind told me it was a blood clot, so I quit taking my birth control and since my hubby is fixed and I was only on it to regulate my monthly, the doc had no problem with this. Well about 7 months after that I started having "the numbness in my left arm, chest pain, lightheadedness, slow responses to questions, racing heart beat" so I went to the ER. They did another EKG, this time it showed Brugada Syndrome. I was sure I was dying, they were discussing defibrillators and everything however my electrophysiologist informed me that he didn't think any of my symptoms were related to this diagnosis and stated that he felt I was having anxiety attacks. I wore a heart monitor for a month and it came back fine. The doc stated that I probably just carry the gene since it is genetic and only wants to monitor me yearly now. Since this diagnosis my anxiety is soaring. I wake up everyone morning with thoughts of something happening to me, I drive to work feeling like I'm going to pass out and die, I go to walmart and my heart races and the lightheadedness begins. ... this is very hard to cope with since I've always beenjoy a people friendly person and often the joker of the group. This anxiety is overpowering me. I have gotten to the point now that I can usually talk myself down before going into a full panic attack, but my body is so exhausted at the end of it that all I want to do is go to sleep. I have 3 smaller kids and taking naps is out of the question. I tried lexapro and it only intensified things so I quit taking it. My doc put me back on birth control as well cause I kept getting ovarian cyst so now I constantly think that I have a blood clot with every pain in my legs, lungs, and head that I experience. Just want this to get better. .. I want my fun energetic, joking self back!

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I have experienced numbing left arm and cheek. So anxious right now! I just want to cry!...


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