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How can I prove to myslef I'm ok

Ok so all week I've been at the height of anxiety about my heart. Started when I pulled a neck muscle so my arms/shoulders were numb. And it's now gone to ive got constant chest pain and burning and bubbling and all the usual reflux crap. But I'm still convinced it's somehow my heart. I keep thinking 'I'm gonna have a heart attack any moment' form the second I get up from bed to going to sleep. What can I do to convince myself it's not my heart. I need to PROVE it but I dunno how. The chest pains are worse as I'm tense and my muscles are sore too :( it's so stupid

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Hi Mrheap

It's not stupid it's real and you need help. I can sympathise with you on the pulled or tight muscles in your shoulder arms etc..I have it now and is under investigation. I am going to see a physiotherapist to find out if excercise will help. I myself feel I have a trapped nerve in my neck as I have numbness in my shoulder, going down my arm into my hand. My fingers get cramp and I can't feel anything that I grip. Have you seen your GP yet to ask for help?

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