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Anxiety after influenza?

Hi guys. So this past winter, I tested positive for Influenza twice within an 8 week period. That wasn't a huge shocker because my immunity sucks because of a Vitamin D deficiency that I'm being treated for.

I got over both cases just fine, but afterwards my anxiety which had been extremely well controlled with just 10 mg. of escitalopram (Lexapro) went crazy. I had to increase my dosage and start taking a low dose of Xanax just to be able to sleep at night. Things have finally started coming back to normal and I'm weaning myself back down to the lower Lexapro dosage again slowly, but I'm just wondering if this is something anyone else has experienced after the flu?

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Hi nice to meet you in an internet way.

I just read an old post of yours from 2 months ago and wanted to ask you what is the test they do in the states then that confirmed you had influenza twice ?

As we don't get tested here in the U.K. They just assume everything here and I would like to know what the test is ?

Many thanks and kind regards.

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Hi there Callumlee. Pleasure to meet you as well! Here they do a rapid result test where they swab deep inside the nose. I think they do it not only as a diagnostic tool, but so they can track the spread of the flu each year and so they can see which type is more prevalent where. Do they make antivirals available to you where you're from? Usually when we test positive here and haven't been sick longer than 48 hours, they prescribe an antiviral called Tamiflu.


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