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How long till normality?

Its been 2 months since I have been signed off work and 2 months since I have gone out the house for anything else other than doctors appointments. Its not because I am scared, my anxiety does not effect me in that way its just because I have no motivation to do anything. Its a good day if I actually get out of bed for something other than a shower.

I'm getting fed up with this now, how long did it take you guys to get back to a 'normal' life?

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Hi TheInjuredBiker, no motivation to do anything usually is a sign of depression. Two months is a long enough time to go without getting to the bottom of this feeling. It's apparently affecting your life. You may need to reach out to a professional who can help you overcome this lack of interest. It doesn't sound like this is who you really are. Many people go through traumatic events that change the way they feel and perceive life. It happens to all of us from time to time. Don't waste your life lying in bed everyday. There's a world out there that you need to be a part of. I wish you well in getting over this road bump of life. You're strong, I know you will succeed.


I got a high score (aka have depression) on a depression test from my doctor. I brushed it off and told him I definitely don't have depression. I guess like most mental health issues my definition of depression was wrong and maybe I do have it.

I am already in contact with a professional but due to me being low risk to myself and others I have been put on a 8 week wait list.

I have never been a real outgoing person.. more a laid back person but never a 'lay in bed and do nothing' sort of person. Just cant be bothered much now.

Thanks for the response though I appreciate it, guess I got to start as everyone else has said to me before this all happened.. to get in touch with my emotions instead of hiding them. :)

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Just bear in mind the longer you stay like this, the less likely you are to recover.

Set a realistic target as to what you want to be doing by a certain date and then plan a build up of activities towards that date, Unless you do a little more each and every day, you will never get back to how you were before.


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