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Is it anxiety or not?

I have severe numbness in left arm and fingers. I have been under a lot of stress recently and before I had a racing heart and panic attacks. Now I am having no panic attacks, heart rate is normal. But my arm and fingers are still numb. With a dull ache from my left bicep running down to my wrist. This has been going on for about a week. Some days are worse than others. I'm pretty sure it's just anxiety and stress. But at the same time, I have 4 kids to think about and would love to be sure. Does anyone have any advice. I've read so many different articles, but it has all left me confused

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Hi, I get something similar to this off and on with my Anxiety, both my hands will tingle and also feel numb from elbow downwards.

Mine will usually last a couple of weeks then go away.


Go and see a doctor if you need your mind putting at ease.


It takes time for the body/nerves to settle back down , the panic attacks have stopped and your heart rate is normal again so keep doing what you have been doing and the rest will ease too . I've had weakness and tingling and it takes time for it to ease


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