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Is this Anxiety?

So some background first.

I'm 54 and did have a heart attack over two years ago, I'm in good heath now and have regular checkups with my cardiologist. About 6 months ago I started feeling weird and thought it was my heart, but was told it wasn't. It was anxiety. I feel butterflies and chest and arm pain mostly on my left side from time to time. Breathing seems to help but I can't figure out what triggers it. It can last for days and then go away. It seems to be worst in the am when I wake up. Sometimes i am also a little light headed. I've been though a lot in there past few years, the heart attack as I mentioned and I also got divorced, but everything else is good. Was told it could be subconscious feelings. But the anxiety comes and goes. Right now I'm feeling weak, light headed and have some arm and chest pain. Woke up feeling this way. I try and take my mind off of it and it seems to help but then I feel the anxiety and I start to worry. Not much has helped me, as I said It can last for days and then disappear completely and I think I'm over it then return like it has in the past few days.

Thanks for any help/advise.

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Anxiety has away to play with are minds. If your Doctor told u it was anxiety I want worry to much about it try to find things u can do daily and when u find that away again just relax and do some deep breathing exercise. I like mediation and yoga get good too I hope u feel better as u get the courage to find what works for u. I'm here if u need me❤


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