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Chest pain left side


Last couple of days I have been getting a very mild pain in the left side of my chest. It will pop up at random and last for an hour or more. It wasn't hurting when I woke up for work but a few hours into my shift it started to hurt. The pain is more like a dull feeling and it is around my left nipple. Even though the pain is mild it starts to worry me and my anxiety will begin to act up. I'll get dizzy for a couple of seconds and it goes away. Is it possible to get chest pain if my anxiety isn't really bothering me? Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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I get chest pains all the time and every time I go get it checked out, it goes back to anxiety. Even if you don't think you're having an anxiety issue, you still could be. I just went in last night to the er and had a heart X-ray,blood work and ekg. All normal and even though I didn't think it was my anxiety, odds are it was. Even after getting it all checked out last night, part of me still thinks there is something wrong. It the anxiety talking.


Thanks. I'm still new to anxiety. Had my first panic attack about 3 months ago and haven't felt the same since. Anxiety is constantly on my mind. This was the first time I've really had chest pains and it freaked me out some lol.


I am in the same boat, except I've been dealing with it for the past 6. It's been getting worse those. I get into ruts. I can be good for months and then something happens and it's all I think about for awhile. I've been in one of these ruts since January. I had an er visit last night but still feel crappy.


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