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Left sided chest pains


Hi! I've been having dull pains on the left side of my chest for a few days now, I also suffered what I think was a panic attack after googling heart attack symptoms.

I have been told to go to my GP and get a heart monitor and to use it when I feel like there is something wrong.

My heart seems to beat very powerfully and somehow quick, yet when I take these Heart beats per minute test on my iPhone, it tells me that my BPM is 50.

I have not suffered from nausea, jaw pain or arm pain, I do sometimes get the odd tingling sensation in my left arm an hand though.

I have small back pain on the left side also.

My parents say it's because I'm growing too quick (I have 6ft3 at the age of 16, male)

I did go lightheaded and sweaty once, but that was during my panic attack.

So confused right now.

Thank you,


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Well wow 6 foot 3 :-o

And only 16 , you are certainly going to be someone to look up to :-/

Could very well be that it is because you are growing so fast but if we feel & start to get anxious then it does make every pain feel worse as well as bring old & new ones back that we have had before

Have you asked for any support with how this is making you feel so anxious

Are you anxious in any other way or just when it comes to the fear of there maybe something wrong with your heart ?

You are very young so I feel the chances or very slim that this would be the reasons for your pain you get as well as you have been seen by your Doctor who I am sure if they thought it was anything serious would heave taken more action but still they are monitoring you which is excellent as if they did think anything was wrong they would certainly investigate further

I am so pleased that you have your parents support & are able to talk to them also

Our heart rates do speed up especially when we are feeling anxious as well as feeling sweaty & lightheaded typical anxiety symptoms

Try not to look up things especially on Google as that always throws out the worse scenarios and remember Google can not examine you or knows your medical history so all it does is makes you anxiety 100 times worse

Trust your Doctor & trust your parents I am sure they all have your best interests at heart starting with your health :-) x

OwenC in reply to Hidden

Wow, that's actually made me think differently! Googling symptoms and stuff always screws with my mind but I just can't help it Hahahah. Thank you for your response, feel a lot better now!

I hope it is growing pains!


OwenC in reply to Hidden

I'm constantly anxious and worried that I have heart disease, or anything wrong with my heart mainly because of the chest pains, which sends my anxiety through the roof. I match quite a few of the heart attack symptoms, that's the reason I had a panic attack 😞

trackstar15 in reply to OwenC

Talk to me. We were on the same boat. Exact same situation. 5'7 18 years old

At 16 I highly doubt you have any heart issues it is most likely anxiety however best to get it all checked out so you can stop worrying about it.

OwenC in reply to Aazz

I will definitely have myself checked when I go to collect the heart monitor. :)

I had terrible heart problems for 3 months after a big gym workout and lots of caffiene, I had big palpitations at night, passing out at work, claustrophobic, panic attacks, constantly heart pains, could not excercise and Im 49 so I really thought I was had a heart problem. I used the nhs and waited 2 months for the 24 hour ecg , not irregular heartbeat, x ray blood pressure, static ecg all fine, could not see a cardiologist though. I used nutrition and excercise to recover and ths week I am almost completely better in 3 months. My main natural medicine was fresh wheatgrass juice and eating sunflower sprouts, I think it is amazing what you can do with suplements and nutrition and excercise. Nowadays there is so much available in health shops and on the Internet. You can learn about wheatgrass juice on you tube, I had to give up caffiene and I dont drink alcohol either. I also took omegas oils, coq10 and heart nutrients, I dont think I have a heart abnormality now.

OwenC in reply to clinbuck123

Wow, I will look into those things!!

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