Feeling dreadful!!

Hi, I've finally plucked up the courage to go out tonight but come home and feel so ill! Drink just does not go well with anxiety. For some ppl it helps them relax but for me it does the opposite! Tight chest feeling and just been sick so feels like my throat is closing! It's awful! Wish I could feel well again :-( I have got sertraline here but terrified to take it. If it's the only thing in life that's going to help me overcome this anxiety then I might have to push myself to take it. Any suggestions?? Take tablet or try to do it on my own as I have done for past year suffered anxiety


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  • Hi I know this feeling I went out tonight with friends and I have come home feeling awful! My chest also feels tight and I can't figure out why. My head hurts I'm burning up. I just wish I could go out like others do and be fine and not feel this anxiety

  • Lyns1411, Of course the choice is yours whether to take the tablet or not. But I wouldn't advise taking it when you've had a drink. Meds don't mix well alcohol.

  • Take it, without a doubt. (Agora1 is right - no alcohol though!)

    I was on Citalopram and it just gave me that opportunity to help myself. Without it i was just getting deeper into the hole! The antidepressants just took the edge off and allowed me to peep over the hole and gave me the opportunity to pull myself out - so to speak.

    I was only on them for 3 months and I still have set backs, but I deal with it and carry on.


  • I tried to deal with my anxiety myself for a long time but I was sinking deeper and deeper, no matter wot I done to help myself the anxiety was just to intense, I got to a point were my body was in a constant state of anxiety even wen I was sleeping I was having a panic attacks in my dreams, I chose to go on medication and it helped so much, it helped bring me down from the height of panic to a level were I cud work on myself, I attend sessions now that help me understand anxiety, why it affects me differently and how I can help control it, its a slow process with set backs but u will get there, it's an awful illness, good luck 😃

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