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I have been having a tough time since saturday. A few crying episodes because my physical symptoms make me so afraid. I have been doing much better and my panic episodes are fewer but have had more just recently. I am home alone during the day while my husband works and son is in school. When i am idle, i find myself thinking (how am i feeling? Any psychical symptoms? And before you know it, my hands start sweating, i become aware of my heartbeat and feel like i cant breathe relaxed. At times i cry to relieve the worry.

I try to distract myself and start describing things around me that i see, hear, smell...a mindfulness activity. Another way i can distract myself is to write in this forum and know i will be heard. It will pass, it always does.

Thanks for listening

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And you were heard Cjonesabq, by me and others. Crying helps release the fear but distracting yourself is a good way to calm your mind. Mindfulness and/or Grounding are also good in bringing you into the moment of reality. Don't forget to BREATHE :)


Sorry to hear about your experience recently. I've been exactly the same these past few days. The symptoms I think I'm having about my latest health obsession seem so real. I felt so scared. Just remember that it doesn't last forever. Eventually, my anxiety subsided. Just remeber to calmly breathe and use whatever distraction techniques you can. Keeping busy is the best possible thing for Health Anxiety. I hope you will feel in a more peaceful state of mind soon.

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