Am I over reacting ?

I've been having chest pain for about 3 days I have had it before but it went away i haven't been that concerned because it's on the right side not the left but it's starting to get uncomfortable I had to take a ibuprofen today at school it went away but came back I've also been experiencing twitching in my right arm and stomach which is making my anxiety go through the roof idk if I should go to the doctors .. should I be so concerned I mean I've haddone twitching experiences but much arm had been constantly twitching all day and it's aggravating me


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2 Replies

  • The constant twitching all day would bother me, too! That sounds really annoying. I think I'd call the doctor's office and tell them exactly that. I'd be prepared that they'd probably want me to come in.

  • Thankyou I will because this chest pain is getting more annoying

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