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so after a few good weeks of minimal anxiety feelings and only a few palpitations they have come back with vengeance today , it always seems to be worse when I'm on my own and trying to chill or rest , I had a can of Diet Coke and for the last hour been suffering really bad missed heart beats and palpitations - I can feel the missed beats when I check my pulse and that makes me more anxious 😩, got the doctors after the weekend but not sure if this is all anxiety or something cardiac , I have had health anxiety for 5 years but lately it is general anxiety I feel too in certain social situations or even just when I'm sat overthinking, I hate it , any one else have the skipped beats ? Scared that when I go to go it will be really abnormal especially as I have developed a slight phobia of the doctors surgery now and that will make my heart rate increase/ skip any way , arrrgh hate anxiety , not on meds yet but wonder if they may help , thanks

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Hi I use to have to same thing and went to the doctors and had all the tests and they came back as normally but it was my anxciety as I was over thinking things witch made it worse and I've been on medicatin but had bad side affects to most of them and the meds only take of the eage dosent get rid of anxciety u need to get to be course of ur anxciety mabey consider councling x

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