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So while i was at my therapist yesterday, she wanted to know more about Qmy childhood. I suffer from anxiety and depression and for the past 3 years, i always feel dissociated from people and things and unreal. So she wanted to know why. I was sexually assaulted like 5 years ago but i told her i was always anxious its just gotten really bad the past 3 years. She said she was trying to figure out why i felt this way and even with the assault she said that it must be more causing these feelings because the anxiety is so extreme. So she was asking me if anything really stood out to me about my childhood. There wasnt really anything i could come up with. I remember my mom and siblings always picking on me and when i went into detail she said it sounded terrifying but to me it still feels like its no big deal. Like so many people have been through worse so i dont understand why that would make me as bad as i am today anxiety wise. Also if what ive been through isnt enough to feel dissociated then why do i feel this way?

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Picking on someone is a form of bullying. It can & often does create lifelong depression & anxiety & ppl also take their own lives over being bullied.

Along with the attack the prolonged bullying definitely affected you :(

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Yea i guess sooo😞


What happened to you was wrong. I understand because it happen to me. Thankfully the only positive thing that came from it I will never be a cowardly bully or stand by & do nothing not participate in it. Some people just aren't well, in denial ,unfortunately we bore that pain, but ultimately, you can only determine your own behavior. You reach out & help yourself, there are a lot of great people that understand & will be there for you with help & understanding. You're not alone.

Best To You

Be Well

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Thats so true, thanks so much😊😊


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