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vocal tics?/ anxiety/gag reflex

Hi, so this started two years ago for me. Whenever i would get stressed, too excited, sing or play a sport i would start to gag. I would stop that urge to gag by doing what i think is a vocal tic that you can of course hear me doing. This totally ruined my life because singing and sports were always a big part of my life. I can´t even go to the club because just going stresses me out and if i try to sing or dance i start gagging. I have seen a few similar posts like this where people have written that they were on medication and i should probably start taking something to calm my nerves so i could control this better. But i wanted to ask if anyone went to a psychiatrist or neuropsychiatrist for help to actually cure the problem and if it worked. This appeared first when i was a kid, then it went away and now it came back. I don´t wanna just take medication, i wan´t this gone and go back to my life. So i just wanna know if it´s possible to cure this connection between anxiety and gagging/tic and get rid of it for good.

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