so tired of this

so look where I am again. I'm back to write another post, although this time im not certain what im even writing. I am just tired to this point. I am fed up and tired. Ive had a headache all day, sent me worried. Got home and tried to get my mind off of it and brain tumours but i cant. all i think about is the pain and brain tumours. I did this to the point i just broke down crying, and i still am as i am typing this. i dont know if its the fear of having one, the tiredness, the anxiety, the stress. God knows! i just genuinely don’t know what to do right now. Im tired and have had enough.


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6 Replies

  • Sorry You have to feel that way. Are you taking anything for your headache?

  • nope i had nothing!! I was too tired to go to the chemist but it's gone now! i find that when im keeping my mind occupied on something else and am having fun, i dont have the pain. Im wondering if its because im not worrying or thinking about the brain tumour

  • I would suggest getting out the house and going for a long walk, the fresh air works wonders. Have you had any help from a professional? I was the same but with nausea, thinking if I ate too much I'd be sick, if someone around me was sick then I would be. (never the case) it's really hard I understand, you need to understand your thoughts and work with them, CBT could be good for you

  • i will be having professional help soon! and yes i found that if i keep my mind occupied on something else and have fun, engage in conversations, all my worries go and i dont focus on the pain and it goes!

  • That's excellent :) Keep that mind of yours occupied, also try yoga!

  • I will try! thank you :)

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